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What if My Eye Moves During LASIK Surgery?


What if my eye moves during LASIK surgery?

This is a common question that comes up when patients are preparing for what happens during LASIK eye surgery. However, moving your eye, either by accident or otherwise, is an extremely rare occurrence. We at Global Laser Vision want to help ease any worries you may have about what happens during LASIK eye surgery. This includes answering questions such as “are you awake during LASIK eye surgery?” and “can you move your eye during LASIK?”

Prior to your LASIK procedure, anesthetic drops are placed into your eyes. These do not make you fall asleep, rather they are used to decrease your urge to blink. Although you are awake, the drops are intended to prevent you from moving your eyes. Additionally, you will not feel pain while under the effect of these numbing drops. Instead you may only feel a light pressure.

The worry over what happens during laser eye surgery is based on the idea that moving your eye may cause a complication in the procedure, or that by moving you may permanently damage your vision. But keep in mind that, as stated before, the instances in which a patient moves his or her eye during LASIK are extremely rare. The highly qualified surgeons at Global Laser Vision have been providing thousands of successful eye surgeries over the years to help prevent such a thing from happening. It is as much our job to provide our patients with a comfortable experience as it is to help correct their vision. We treat our patients like family to provide them with a successful laser eye procedure, and that means both during and following the surgery.

Most LASIK eye surgeries at Global Laser Vision are completed in around 30 minutes (about 15 minutes for each eye). This provides you with a quick, effortless procedure that will let you get back to your life and enjoying your improved vision in no time.

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