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Prescription Eyeglasses

So you found out that you need eyeglasses. According to Vision Impact Institute research, three out of every four people in the U.S. need vision correction. Of those vision-impaired people, 71 percent wear eyeglasses and 22 percent wear contacts. Many of the rest squint and strain to see clearly, rather than opt for eyeglasses or contacts.

Your lifestyle determines your eyeglass needs. A child’s eyeglass needs are different from those of an athlete or a business person. At Global Laser Vision, we offer a wide variety of eye glass frames and prescription sunglasses in a range of styles and sizes to accommodate your individual needs.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Our eyewear consultants are trained to help you find the eyewear or prescription sunglasses you need. We’ll help you choose eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses that suit your features and all areas of your lifestyle. Our extensive selection can tailor the minimalistic type where glasses blend seamlessly away or stand out to scream the bold personality.

We will find the design to help you look and see your best. Our vast selection even includes prescription sunglasses for those who live in sunny climates or spend a lot of time outdoors during the day.

Prescription Sunglasses

We offer an extensive selection of prescription sunglasses. Our designer frames feature lenses tinted to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause permanent damage to your eyes and vision.

Prefer contact lenses to glasses?  You just might find that wearing prescription sunglasses is sometimes a far more practical alternative outdoors. You may not want to wear your contact lenses on the beach where your eyes can become itchy and watery as you battle the effects of sand, sun, wind and water!

And the cost of prescription sunglasses may be cheaper than you think. Ask our highly-trained staff members to quote you a price today.

Dangers of Not Wearing Glasses

Don’t let vanity put your vision or health at risk.

You need to see clearly when driving, working and playing sports. If you’re not wearing your glasses at work your job performance can suffer. If you’re not wearing your glasses while driving you are putting yourself and your passengers in danger.

There are health effects to consider as well.

Eyestrain (asthenopia) occurs when you need to work harder to read something or to focus. This can trigger headaches, tired eyes, double vision and blurry vision.

Eyeglasses are a means of letting you see clearly, whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or some other vision issue. They are the tool that allows objects, people, and words to come into focus.

There is an extra important reason to wear eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses if you suffer from crossed eyes (strabismus) or lazy eye (amblyopia). People with these issues can suffer permanent damage to their vision if they refuse to wear their special eyeglasses.

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