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Global Laser Vision Optical Department: What’s in Store

Bringing your world into focus

Eyeglasses? Contact lenses? Both?

The right pair of lenses let you see life with clarity. They improve your vision, while they improve your life.

Clear vision allows you to adore your child from afar as he or she plays in the back yard or runs with his soccer buddies on the playing field. Clear vision also allows you to drive safely with the sun – or the high beams of an approaching vehicle – glaring in your eyes.

An optometrist knows that no two eyes are alike. The same goes for our patients. Some are active and athletic, while others prefer to curl up with a good book or to study for that final exam.  No matter what your job or your passion, clear vision allows you to enjoy it to the max.

At Global Laser Vision, we consider many factors beyond traditional measurements to fit you with the proper eyewear. We also keep our optometrists keenly trained and our Optical Department well-stocked with the best and latest styles of eyewear.

Glasses or Contacts?

Eyeglasses not only need to fit correctly, but they should also complement and reflect your personal style. However, they’re little more than good-looking accessories if the lens prescription does not improve your vision or our top surgeons do not fix what ails your eyes.

Choosing the proper material of lenses and finding the perfect size and shape of your frames is just the start in crafting the eyewear that meets all your requirements.

There are also many types of contact lenses offered at Global Laser Vision. An optomertrist will explain how specific features of certain lenses will provide specific advantages. An accurate contact lens fitting will yield the most comfort and the sharpest vision.

All of our optometrists and doctors have had extensive training in fitting contact lenses – from the most challenging to the simplest types.

Our team of optometrists and eye care professionals is here to help you find what’s right for you. Come learn how the latest innovations in eye care will improve your perception of true clarity.

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