Jessica A


I have not one negative comment to say about Global Eye and Laser…

My eyes were terrible so I thought they’d turn me down. I had my eye consultation Jan 23rd and went through basic procedures to test my eyes first with the staff and then had Dr. Melikian finalize if I was good to go… Which I was!!!!! I was told not to where my contacts two days before and I was prescribed two different eye drops two days before my exam and use the same eye drops after the operation.

I was going to Sam Smith’s concert the night before my surgery and told the doc that I will not wear my glasses to Sam Smith! He laughed and was okay with me wearing them for 3-4 hrs, but when the day came I stuck with my glasses 😉 My point: everyone there was able to answer any question that I had without making me feel like I asked a stupid question.

Scheduling my procedure was very easy and I only had to wait a little over a week for my surgery.

I just had both of my eyes done last night (Jan 31st)!!!! I went in to the operating room and the doc said “are you ready to read the clock on the wall in 10 min??” All I could say was… “WHHAAAT?! I don’t understand” hahahaha. The doc was very informative on what exactly he was doing step by step and they made sure to put enough numbing drops throughout the procedure so I didn’t feel a thing. Only a small bit of pressure for 30 sec on each eye which was nothing and the rest was seamless. Literally, in less than 10 min I really was able to read the clock on the wall as soon as I sat up from the chair. I was given a little more meds right after so I could rest and that’s all I did.. Sleep

I woke up the next day for my follow up at 10a and I could not believe I was able to read book spines on my bookshelves. My mind is still boggled and processing this modern day miracle… IT’S INSANE!

I highly, highly recommend Global Eye & Laser a thousand times

Tom N.


Cannot agree more with all the positive reviews for Global Eyes and Laser Center! This place is amazing.

The staff is always so friendly and helpful every time i’ve worked with them. Everything is clearly communicated and care is always taken. It is very clear that everyone here enjoys their jobs and helping every customer!

The procedure in general is very quick and simple! Nothing to worry about here! Best decision i’ve made regarding my eyes, and probably the best investment i’ve ever made!!

20/15 vision, thanks to everyone at Global Eye and Laser Center!

London N.


As a person who wore contacts for many years I was frustrated with daily dry eyes and the ability to see when I wake up. Getting LASIK was a definite game changer! I love my eyes!

Global Laser Eye Surgery has the best customer service, staff, and doctors! Everything was quick and easy, from the consultation to the follow-ups. I used drops for about 2 weeks after the surgery (normal), but since then have had no issues with dry eyes or halos.


My brother-in-law got his eyes done here and my sister will be getting her eyes done here at the end of the year as well! :). I definitely recommend this place if you are looking to invest in your eyes.

Sharon G.


Global Laser Vision is THE PLACE to have your lasik and/or PRK surgery done. My first surgery was in 2002 and both my eyes went through the lasik route. Dr. Yaghouti performed the surgery and was comforting and informative the few minutes I spent with him and his team. He advised me on every step he was taking where there was no guess work as to what I was going to expect; I don’t like surprises! The surgery was a success and I was able to see immediately. Fast forward to around January 2015 and I find my left eye (problematic prior to the 2002 lasik surgery) feeling a bit strained due to age and fluorescent lighting at work. I wait until April to have my eyes assessed and the doctors discover that my left eye has started to revert back; however the right eye was still going strong…even after over 13 years! I was advised that since my left eye had a thin cornea I would not be a good candidate for lasik; the surgery I qualified for was PRK. Although this surgery has a longer recovery rate, I was assured the outcome would be longer lasting than lasik. This time around, I benefitted from having Dr. Yaghouti and Dr. Melikian present during my surgery. Both doctors are extremely reassuring and accommodating. Dr. Melikian has been very friendly, as well as the rest of the staff (Diana and the ladies in the front). Considering there are other lasik doctors closest to my home, I travel over 40 miles one way to Global Laser Vision in Huntington Beach. I highly recommend the doctors and staff as I now have 20/20 vision and still have the potential to have better eyesight in the next few months!

Mandy S.


All I can say is it’s the best investment I have spent on myself ! Dang I should have it done 10 years ago !!!! It is painless and u will be amazed how fast it gets! It is not a brain surgery or anything so don’t be scared !!! I did it you can do it too !!! Yay I can wear sunglasses and it feels good !
Ppl told me that it would change my life ! Come on …!!! It changed my life style , not my Life ! I have one lazy eye and the LASIK kinda fixed it ! I don’t have it as much as before and it makes me more confident about myself! I smile when I see my own face in the mirror without glasses ….it feels nice !
Everybody there is so nice! Diana is very sweet , doctor is very polite! I felt so comfortable since the first visit !
If you ever think of having LASIK check this place first ! Free consultation , why not !!!

Nigel E.


I was apprehensive getting Lasik. I had been a long time contact wearer and life got in the way of wearing them consistently. I’m also an avid water polo player and wearing contacts in a pool is a no-no.

I wasnt sure if I would be a candidate, what the price would be or, even more importantly, if there would be ill effects in the future. With a free Lasik consultation offered, I jumped at the opportunity and was put to ease.

It is an incredibly thorough eye exam, to such a degree that they found I had dry eyes (from allergies) and that I rubbed my eyes frequently. They had me take some antibiotics and return in a couple of weeks to complete my free consultation. ALL OF THIS WORK FOR FREE!

When I returned, they confirmed I was a great candidate and that I had 20/400 sight in each eye. After my PAINLESS and QUICK surgery, I was told to go home and rest up. The following morning I had 20/15 vision in each eye and was able to see better than I could even with contacts!!

I could see leaves on trees, humming birds flying by 60 yards away, actual swirls of water vapor in clouds. I just sat outside all morning with coffee and looked at all the things I had never truly seen before.

It’s been said before by others, but I will say it again… These are some of the nicest people not only in the industry, but in Orange County. They are genuine and I could not recommend them any more. Give them the opportunity to blow your expectations away, and change your life. I came here based on their yelp reviews and I hope this helps you take the plunge as well.