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Sharon G.

Global Laser Vision is THE PLACE to have your lasik and/or PRK surgery done. My first surgery was in 2002 and both my eyes went through the lasik route. Dr. Yaghouti performed the surgery and was comforting and informative the few minutes I spent with him and his team. He advised me on every step he was taking where there was no guess work as to what I was going to expect; I don’t like surprises! The surgery was a success and I was able to see immediately. Fast forward to around January 2015 and I find my left eye (problematic prior to the 2002 lasik surgery) feeling a bit strained due to age and fluorescent lighting at work. I wait until April to have my eyes assessed and the doctors discover that my left eye has started to revert back; however the right eye was still going strong…even after over 13 years! I was advised that since my left eye had a thin cornea I would not be a good candidate for lasik; the surgery I qualified for was PRK. Although this surgery has a longer recovery rate, I was assured the outcome would be longer lasting than lasik. This time around, I benefitted from having Dr. Yaghouti and Dr. Melikian present during my surgery. Both doctors are extremely reassuring and accommodating. Dr. Melikian has been very friendly, as well as the rest of the staff (Diana and the ladies in the front). Considering there are other lasik doctors closest to my home, I travel over 40 miles one way to Global Laser Vision in Huntington Beach. I highly recommend the doctors and staff as I now have 20/20 vision and still have the potential to have better eyesight in the next few months!

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