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Nigel E.

I was apprehensive getting Lasik. I had been a long time contact wearer and life got in the way of wearing them consistently. I’m also an avid water polo player and wearing contacts in a pool is a no-no.

I wasnt sure if I would be a candidate, what the price would be or, even more importantly, if there would be ill effects in the future. With a free Lasik consultation offered, I jumped at the opportunity and was put to ease.

It is an incredibly thorough eye exam, to such a degree that they found I had dry eyes (from allergies) and that I rubbed my eyes frequently. They had me take some antibiotics and return in a couple of weeks to complete my free consultation. ALL OF THIS WORK FOR FREE!

When I returned, they confirmed I was a great candidate and that I had 20/400 sight in each eye. After my PAINLESS and QUICK surgery, I was told to go home and rest up. The following morning I had 20/15 vision in each eye and was able to see better than I could even with contacts!!

I could see leaves on trees, humming birds flying by 60 yards away, actual swirls of water vapor in clouds. I just sat outside all morning with coffee and looked at all the things I had never truly seen before.

It’s been said before by others, but I will say it again… These are some of the nicest people not only in the industry, but in Orange County. They are genuine and I could not recommend them any more. Give them the opportunity to blow your expectations away, and change your life. I came here based on their yelp reviews and I hope this helps you take the plunge as well.

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