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Jimmy P.

I’ve been skeptical w/ Lasik for quite sometime now. After seeing a few of my friends getting it done and one of them said the sooner you get it, the longer you can enjoy it so I finally decided to come in for a consultation. I chose Global Eye and Laser Center based on my friend’s recommendation & the reviews that I’ve read. Recovery time where I was able to see was within 24 hours. My eyes were slightly irritated for the next 2-3 days. After that my vision is excellent. I came in for a checkup and Dr. Melikian said my vision improved to 20/20 and possibly to 20/15 when my eyes fully heal. Would I do this procedure again? Yes, I should have done it the day I found out I needed glasses. Would I refer someone? Yes, I told my sister to come here when she does decide to do Lasik.

Staff; lovely staff, very friendly, excellent service, very informative, thoroughly answered every question that I had, and most importantly, made me feel at ease.

Thanks to all the Staff at Global!

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