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Jessica A

I have not one negative comment to say about Global Eye and Laser…

My eyes were terrible so I thought they’d turn me down. I had my eye consultation Jan 23rd and went through basic procedures to test my eyes first with the staff and then had Dr. Melikian finalize if I was good to go… Which I was!!!!! I was told not to where my contacts two days before and I was prescribed two different eye drops two days before my exam and use the same eye drops after the operation.

I was going to Sam Smith’s concert the night before my surgery and told the doc that I will not wear my glasses to Sam Smith! He laughed and was okay with me wearing them for 3-4 hrs, but when the day came I stuck with my glasses 😉 My point: everyone there was able to answer any question that I had without making me feel like I asked a stupid question.

Scheduling my procedure was very easy and I only had to wait a little over a week for my surgery.

I just had both of my eyes done last night (Jan 31st)!!!! I went in to the operating room and the doc said “are you ready to read the clock on the wall in 10 min??” All I could say was… “WHHAAAT?! I don’t understand” hahahaha. The doc was very informative on what exactly he was doing step by step and they made sure to put enough numbing drops throughout the procedure so I didn’t feel a thing. Only a small bit of pressure for 30 sec on each eye which was nothing and the rest was seamless. Literally, in less than 10 min I really was able to read the clock on the wall as soon as I sat up from the chair. I was given a little more meds right after so I could rest and that’s all I did.. Sleep

I woke up the next day for my follow up at 10a and I could not believe I was able to read book spines on my bookshelves. My mind is still boggled and processing this modern day miracle… IT’S INSANE!

I highly, highly recommend Global Eye & Laser a thousand times

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