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Gabriel J.

Being someone who has had bad eyesight since birth, the opportunity of getting Lasik was an amazing opportunity.

At first I was a little scared- the thought of someone shooting a laser into my eye gave me anxiety. From the first day, everyone in the office was very polite and well informed. Even had a video to watch to help ease any and all fears.

Currently I’m about 2 months past initial surgery and my vision is at 20/15 and still improving. For those of you that don’t know what that means- I can see better than 20/20.

Dr. Melikian is the best. He even offered me some fresh baked cookies that one of his clients made because he heard my stomach growl – Had to skip lunch due to a time crunch in my schedule.

Professional, courteous, and always looking out for the best interest of all of their patients. Thank you again for giving me the ability to see without glasses or contacts. See you soon for my next check-up.

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