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Cynthia H.

After reading reviews for several laser centers I chose Global Eye and Laser for laser eye surgery. I was able to get an appointment with in a few days at a time that was convenient for me. The office was large clean and bright and the the staff seemed very welcoming. During my initial visit I had the most thorough eye exam I have ever had. After the exam I was taken to an office where they explained the laser procedure in detail. I was able to get in for the LASIK surgery that week, Yayyyy. When I came in for the surgery I was once again examined and walked through the entire procedure including what to expect and the after care. I was made very comfortable while waiting for the surgery with warm blankets and a calming atmosphere ( oops and a Xanax )!
During the surgery Dr Melikian and his partner were very calm and reassuring. I really appreciated when they counted down the seconds until that part of the procedure ended. Knowing when the laser ended helped to keep calm and relaxed. The surgery was very fast, maybe 5-7 min with very little discomfort. I had a very fast recovery and can hardly believe that I waited so long to put off my good sight !
I would whole heartedly recommend Global eye and LASIK.. Their staff is great and you will not believe what you haven’t been seeing!!!!

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