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Charlie V.

+ Location:
This office is located in a smaller sized plaza with just enough parking for it’s patients.

+ Price:
The price is dependent on the procedure of choice as well as other factors. The price I paid was comfortable. I wasn’t paying as much as some of the other locations I’ve read online including local businesses, granted my procedure was IntraLase.

+ Service:
Their staff is extremely friendly, will more than adequately inform you about their operations, and are very patient. They do a good job making you feel comfortable moments before they slice your eyes open while you’re wide awake.

+ Quality of Work:
I can see why this office is highly reputable. The staff and the doctors are definitely the finest in Orange County. I was researching laser eye surgery clinics/procedures for nearly a year until I decided that Global was the place for me. They have a pool of less that 1% of people who return to using eyeglasses. The day of the procedure, I was in the operating room for less than 15 minutes PAIN FREE. After the procedure, I went home and went to bed (as instructed) immediately. The following morning, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see for the first time without glasses/contacts since I was little. Getting laser eye surgery was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my life, and I’m glad that I got it done at Global.


Global Laser Vision
Huntington Beach
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