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What is the Risk of LASIK Complications After Laser Eye Surgery?

Q: What is the Risk of Complications After Laser Eye Surgery?

A: No medical procedure is without risk. Although LASIK complications are not an impossibility, they are extremely rare. Our top LASIK surgeons at Global Laser Vision will cover in detail any post LASIK complications that may occur after a LASIK procedure with you during your complementary consultation. Additionally, we want to stress the importance of scheduling your comprehensive consultation prior to considering laser surgery procedure. Your very thorough eye exam and in-office consultation may reduce the possibility of LASIK complications developing after surgery.

Identifying Your LASIK Candidacy

Determining your candidacy for vision correction surgery can help you avoid LASIK complications such as dry eye and glare at night. A range of factors are considered that may contribute to possible risks of laser eye surgery. Your age, ethnic background, and medical history are all factors that will be considered and inspected. This can provide our doctors with the necessary information they need to determine your candidacy for the procedure.

A Thorough Consultation is Key

A more thorough consultation will also inspect factors such as your eye’s corneal thickness, pupil size, and curvature. Knowing these details will help ensure the success of your procedure and eliminate risk of developing post LASIK complications. Although blurriness and dry eye can be common post-LASIK symptoms, they are not serious. LASIK flap complications are more a problematic post-surgery complication. However, these occur rarely and can be resolved within the same surgical session.

Knowing the possible risks of laser eye surgery is crucial in order to determine your candidacy for vision correction. A consultation will help contribute to a safe, successful surgery. Schedule yours today to reduce risk of LASIK complications and improve your vision, reduce your dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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