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Dr. Melikian

Outstanding Optometrist

Dr. Melikian

Dr. Arbi Melikian received his Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He then graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2003, and has completed internships at Gainesville VAMC, Illinois Eye Institute, Cleveland VAMC and at Barnet-Dulaney-Perkins Eye Clinic.

Adding to his extensive experience as an optometrist, Dr. Melikian served as director of the LASIK center in Tucson, Arizona for Nationwide Vision Laser and Medical Eye Centers (NWV). During the five years with NWV he trained many doctors, and co-managed more than 20,000 LASIK procedures.

For his contribution to the community and his patients, Dr. Melikian has earned these citations:

  • Doctor MVP
  • World Class Patient Care

Dr. Melikian is certified by the California board of Optometry for treatment and management of primary open angle glaucoma.

Known for his gentle patient care and extensive experience,  Dr. Melikian is uniquely qualified to address individual concerns and questions that his patients may have. He thrives on the interaction he shares with his patients – and he treats every patient as family.

What is an Optometrist?

An optometrist is an eye doctor who has earned the Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. Optometrists examine eyes for both vision and health problems, and correct refractive errors by prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Some optometrists also provide low vision care and vision therapy.

Optometrists in the United States also are licensed to prescribe medications to treat eye problems and diseases. They also co-manage surgical procedures and examine eyes and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses

An optometrist must complete a four-year college degree program in the sciences, plus four years of post-graduate professional training in optometry school. Optometrists are then required to fulfill continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis to maintain their licensure and stay current with the latest standards of eye care.

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