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Q: Is Lasik Safe

A: As with any medical procedure, safety for the patient is a top priority. The question “Is LASIK safe?” is likely to come up at every stage of an operation. Although no medical procedure is without risks, having top LASIK surgeons can make a difference.

General Expectations for LASIK Eye Surgery

When undergoing the procedure, you may feel pressure, but no pain. The risk of a serious, sight-threatening complication is rare. However, you should be aware of some possible complications that may occur as a result of LASIK eye surgery. Complications such as dry eye and glare at night may occur. These complications are common and are usually mild. However, such problems will usually disappear within a few months of the procedure. Since every person and every eye is different, risk factors will differ between each individual. All risk factors will be evaluated and discussed during your complimentary extensive LASIK evaluation. Only by undergoing a thorough evaluation and consultation can you and your surgeon gain a better understanding of the risks involved in LASIK eye surgery.

Identifying Your LASIK Candidacy

LASIK surgery requires an in-depth eligibility test for each patient. Age, race, and past medical and ocular history must be taken into consideration before the procedure can begin. This is to ensure the safety of the patient and success of the procedure while minimizing possible risks.

Top LASIK Surgeons at Global Laser Vision

Global Laser Vision employs top LASIK surgeons in the top of their field. As LASIK surgeons and refractive specialists in the top 1% nationwide, our surgeons have completed over 100,000 procedures. We treat each patient as a member of our own family, which helps ensure the patient’s comfort and peace of mind while undergoing the procedure.

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