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Q: Is LASIK Right For Me?

A: A Qualified LASIK eye specialist is best suited to answer this question after a thorough review with you. Many know that LASIK laser surgery for eyes is a great way to reduce or eliminate your dependence on contacts or glasses. However, LASIK is not an appropriate solution for everyone. It is of the utmost importance to determine if the procedure will be a good fit for you. The next time you are wondering, “Is LASIK right for me?” remember that a professional LASIK specialist can answer your questions.

Various Factors to Determine if LASIK is For You

When asking “Is LASIK right for Me? – there are several factors that may determine if you are a perfect candidate for the LASIK surgery procedure. Before anything else, it is recommended that you undergo a thorough eye examination by an eye doctor. Based on your unique needs, an eye exam can help determine your candidacy for LASIK. An eye exam will consider your past medical history, as well as any risk factors that may be attributed to your age and race.

A number of other factors are also measured and considered during your evaluation. These include but are not limited to corneal thickness, pupil size, curvature of the eye, and stability of the refractive error. LASIK surgery cost is another factor that may determine your candidacy. The possibility of LASIK surgery side effects are also a factor that must be considered. Your overall health and lifestyle will be considered as well.

Take Our Self-Evaluation Test

Our self-evaluation test can be an ideal first step in determining your candidacy for LASIK. This basic form asks a series of questions that is meant to ensure your decision to pursue LASIK surgery.

The best way to determine if LASIK is right for you is to schedule a comprehensive exam to see if you are a candidate. From there, you may schedule LASIK corrective eye surgery at your convenience.

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