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LASIK Information

For those looking for LASIK information you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced LASIK surgeon Dr. Arbi Melikian is one of the leading Orange County doctors in laser eye surgery and general eye care. We understand that by correcting your sight, more than just your vision is improved – your quality of life is improved. You’ll be able to better enjoy the details and activities in your life. From your fist visit, you’ll see that Dr. Melikian is completely committed to total patient care, and is willing to answer any and all questions regarding LASIK information.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (LASIK FAQs) people have regarding LASIK and laser eye surgery. If you have questions not addressed here, please call us or use the contact form on the right – our aim is to provide you with complete LASIK information so you can make the most informed decision for your eye care.

Q: Where is Global Laser Vision located?

Q: How Often Should I Have an Eye Exam?

Q: Does Insurance Cover LASIK or Other Laser Procedures?

Q: Is LASIK Safe?

Q: Is LASIK Right for Me?

Q: What are LASIK Qualifications?

Q: After LASIK

Q: How Much Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cost?

Q: What if My Eye Moves During LASIK?

Q: What is the Risk of LASIK Complications Following Laser Eye Surgery?


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