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Our Patients’ Stories

Cynthia H.

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After reading reviews for several laser centers I chose Global Eye and Laser for laser eye surgery. I was able to get an appointment with in a few days at a time that was convenient for me. The office was large clean and bright and the the staff seemed very welcoming. During my initial visit I had the most thorough eye exam I have ever had. After the exam I was taken to an office where they explained the laser procedure in detail. I was able to get in for the LASIK surgery that week, Yayyyy. When I came in for the surgery I was once again examined and walked through the entire procedure including what to expect and the after care. I was made very comfortable while waiting for the surgery with warm blankets and a calming atmosphere ( oops and a Xanax )!
During the surgery Dr Melikian and his partner were very calm and reassuring. I really appreciated when they counted down the seconds until that part of the procedure ended. Knowing when the laser ended helped to keep calm and relaxed. The surgery was very fast, maybe 5-7 min with very little discomfort. I had a very fast recovery and can hardly believe that I waited so long to put off my good sight !
I would whole heartedly recommend Global eye and LASIK.. Their staff is great and you will not believe what you haven’t been seeing!!!!

Janelle D.

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Thank you thank you so much to Dr. Melikian and his wonderful staff!! I owe my new and improved vision to this awesome facility! Now, 3 months after my Lasik procedure, I can see 20-15!! The whole process has been smooth. Everyone here is very kind and caring, and they are accessible at any and all times. They have been flexible with my schedule and they love seeing my kids everytime I come in. I would definitely recommend Global to anyone out there who is thinking about getting lasik, you won’t regret it!

Jose C.

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This place is amazing. I can’t praise them enough. I was hesitant and scared of getting this procedure done for so long for all the obvious reasons. We are talking about my eyes here!!!! I came in for their free consult and all my fears were put to rest. I am so glad I chose this place. Dr Melliekian is the best, Diana is amazing, and the staff is friendly. Most importantly though….my procedure was a success. I can see better than 20/20 now. The day of the procedure i was a nervous wreck but they did such a great job of talking me through the entire process that it put me at ease. I’ve been impressed with their patience and professionalism in their interactions with me. I called them at least 3 times freaking out about minor things and they handled it exceptionally well. Keep in mind my freakouts were outside of regular business hours lol. To put it short…I am recommending this place to all my family and friends and anyone that asks. This place is simply amazing. Thanks Global eye & laser center!

Lauren G.

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If you are even considering getting LASIK, a free consult from Dr. Arbi Melikian will give you all the information and confidence to give it a go. From the second I stepped into the Global Eye and Laser office, I felt like family. The entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure every question or concern you might have is addressed and that a personal plan is designed for your eyes. I had nearsightedness and astigmatism in each eye so the doctor recommended a special form of LASIK called Intralase, which works better for astigmatism. There was no pain, no discomfort and each eye only took 30seconds! The next day I could read my clock and my phone without glasses. Im happy to say today on my one month check up, I now have 20/15 vision! You won’t receive better care any where else. If you’re still unsure, at least get a consult!

Vicente C.

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If you’re looking for the best place to look for your LASIK look no further. I am like most people who get very nervous when they first think about having LASIK but it was the best decision of my life. The staff and Dr walk you through each step of your procedure carefully. The office is always nice and clean and the staff is friendly and helpful everytime. The procedure is nothing to be scared of. You’re literally in and out in less than 10 minutes with no pain whatsoever. One of my biggest worries was the cost of LASIK. Fortunately they have a very low cost for their service and offer financing. I highly recommend this place to anyone even thinking of LASIK.

Stephanie W.

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If you’re considering lasik surgery, definitely come check this place out. They provide free consultations with a thorough eye exam. I was wearing Ortho-K hard lenses and the doctor helped me to prepare for my surgery and gave me weeks worth of soft lenses. The service here is excellent and the office is very nice and clean.

Now the lasik procedure was very quick and painless. The doctor and the staff was great and making me feel comfortable. There is a waiting room where they provide drinks and snacks. During the actual procedure the doctors will count down each step and explain the process thoroughly as it’s happening. I felt comfortable and at ease at all times.

Now it has been a little over a week since my operation and I am seeing 20/20. I hardly feel any pain and besides minor dryness, my eyes feel normal. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone.

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