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How to Choose the Right LASIK Facility

There was this great commercial a few years ago. The spot for Esurance showed a guy with obvious stomach distress. A voiceover notes, “We all make bad decisions like buying sushi from a gas station. Cheap is good and sushi is good. But, cheap sushi… not so good.”

That message can apply to your choice of places to have your LASIK surgery done.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there are fly-by-night eye care centers out there – places just willing to take your cash while they do a slipshod surgery on your precious eyes.

There are good places. And then there are better places.

But why not choose the best?

The Harvard-trained professionals at Global Laser Vision have performed more than 75,000 procedures. They are considered the No. 1 choice for eye care in Southern California.

So, why wouldn’t you put your trust in the skilled hands of a top-ranked LASIK expert?

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration warns there could be adverse reactions to LASIK eye surgery. Potential problems:

  • Some patients lose vision.
  • Some patients develop debilitating visual symptoms.
  • Some patients may develop severe dry eye syndrome.

You greatly lower your risk by choosing wisely.

The FDA suggests you do your homework. Here are some of the things the FDA urges you to look for – and to look out for!

Compare. The levels of risk and benefit vary slightly not only from procedure to procedure, but from device to device depending on the manufacturer, and from surgeon to surgeon depending on their level of experience with a particular procedure.

Don’t base your decision simply on cost and don’t settle for the first eye center, doctor, or procedure you investigate. Remember that the decisions you make about your eyes and refractive surgery will affect you for the rest of your life.

Be wary of eye centers that advertise, “20/20 vision or your money back” or “package deals.” There are never any guarantees in medicine.

Read. It is important for you to read the patient handbook provided to your doctor by the manufacturer of the device used to perform the refractive procedure. Your doctor should provide you with this handbook and be willing to discuss his/her outcomes (successes as well as complications) compared to the results of studies outlined in the handbook.

So, now that you know what the FDA has to say about LASIK and the importance of doing your homework, let us give you a little cheat sheet. Go to the Global Laser Vision website and see why we’re your best choice for LASIK eye surgery and al your eye-care needs.

With the advancement of technology, there are now several procedures available that is ushering in a new era in laser vision correction by giving millions of people – including many who were once told they were not candidates – the opportunity to free themselves from glasses and contact lenses.

Lauren G. is happy she turned to Global Laser Vision for her surgery.

“From the second I stepped into the Global Eye and Laser office, I felt like family. The entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure every question or concern you might have is addressed and that a personal plan is designed for your eyes. There was no pain, no discomfort and each eye only took 30 seconds! The next day I could read my clock and my phone without glasses…  I now have 20/15 vision! You won’t receive better care anywhere else.”

Call for your free consultation today and see you way to better vision and a better life tomorrow.

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