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Contacts or Glasses?

Once an eye doctor determines that you need corrective lenses to improve your vision, you are faced with a choice – contacts or eyeglasses?

So, what drives us to choose one or the other? It usually comes down to cost, comfort or our appearance.

If you’ve been avoiding contact lenses because the very thought of sticking things in your eye makes you shiver, then collect yourself and gaze at these facts provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

  • More than 30 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses.
  • Two-thirds of contact lens wearers are female.
  • Eighty percent of contact lens wearers use soft contact lenses.
  • Some children and teens report feeling dramatically better about their appearance when wearing contact lenses.
  • Compared to wearing glasses, children switching to contact lenses reported significant improvements in the areas of perceived appearance, participation in activities, and satisfaction with vision correction.

According to Vision Impact Institute research, three out of every four people in the U.S. sport vision correction lenses. The breakdown: 71% wear glasses while 22% wear contacts. This means there are more than 225 million of us relying on glasses or contact lenses to improve our vision.

Before you choose your preferred form of vision correction, you must first choose an eye doctor. With nearly 8,000 eyeglasses and contact lens stores in the U.S., that can be a tricky proposition. That choice is made easy in Orange County, California where you’ll find the top-rated eye professionals working at Global Eye & Laser Center.

So, contacts or glasses?

Contacts fall into four distinct categories: hard, soft, extended wear and disposables. Some lenses have tints to enhance your eye color, while others can give you a totally new eye color. The professionals at Global Laser Vision can help you decide which is best for you and your lifestyle.

The two most important questions regarding contact lenses are “Can I wear contacts?” and “Will they hurt my eyes?”

The answer to the first question depends on your eyes and the prescription needed to correct your vision.

The second question is easier to answer. Your cornea is very sensitive to tiny objects, such as dust or lint. The cornea is not, however, as sensitive to larger objects that cover it. When contacts are properly fitted, they should not feel much different than your own eyelids.

While contacts are much more comfortable for an active lifestyle, many of us opt for eyeglasses because of their slip on-and-go ease of use. Others choose eyeglasses as a fashion accessory. With dozens of top manufacturers and hundreds of popular models to choose from, you can complete your look with just the right pair.

The pros at Global Laser Vision will deftly guide you as you make that all-important decision of which brand – and which style – to purchase. They will patiently work with you to select the best style for your face shape and the best model for your lifestyle.

The first step towards selecting contacts or glasses is the all-important eye exam. So, call Global Laser Vision today for your free consultation and affordable exam.

Like many, you may walk away with BOTH – contacts and glasses – because there are times when one or the other is the right fit for what’s going on in your life on a certain day or at a certain time.

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