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Intralase eye surgery is a cut above the rest – yet it doesn’t involve a scalpel or other blade to prepare your eye for LASIK eye surgery  . This 100% blade-free method of vision improvement relies on a state-of-the-art laser to create the “flap” needed to access the inner cornea. The Intralase method can only be performed using the high-tech Intralase laser.

Traditionally, LASIK eye surgery has involved a razor-sharp instrument called a microkeratome. The microkeratome blade that’s used to create the access flap is a handheld, automated device. While LASIK eye surgery has been deemed extremely safe, there can be rare complications that are usually related to the microkeratome.

With IntraLase laser eye surgery  , your eye laser surgeon creates an individualized LASIK flap without a surgical-grade ever touching the eye.



The iLASIK procedure, meanwhile, is a combination of the two most advanced technologies available for refractive eye surgery.

iLASIK allows your surgeon to create the gateway flap with the Intralase FS laser. This approach is also known as all-laser LASIK. Once the flap is ready, your surgeon relies on CustomVue Wavefront technology to gently reshape your cornea and improve your vision.

The iLASIK procedure is the end result of more than a decade’s worth of technical refinement. It combines the latest all-laser LASIK technology in a single, efficient LASIK procedure. The iLASIK procedure is a completely integrated and personalized procedure that’s based on advanced vision correction technology.


3 Steps to Better Vision

Step 1: Creating your personal vision profile

Our highly-trained eye specialists use Wavescan technology and perform a series of tests that will create a 3-D map to determine the individual characteristics and needs of your eyes. Our advanced CustomVue treatment then uses this digital information to design a customized treatment for each of your eyes.

Step 2: Making the iLASIK flap

Our exclusive iLASIK procedure uses blade-free Intralase technology to create your LASIK cornea flap, which the eye specialist folds back in order to perform your personalized iLASIK procedure.

Step 3: Undergoing laser vision correction

A top-ranked eye surgeon improves your vision and your life by using the high-tech CustomVue treatment within the iLASIK procedure. The advanced CustomVue procedure has the approval of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for treating the broadest range of vision imperfections, including lower and higher order aberrations.

Lower order aberrations include nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism – afflictions that are currently corrected with contact lenses, eyeglasses or LASIK. Higher order aberrations which can include imperfections in the eye associated with glare and halo are only correctable with CustomVue advanced technology.

LASIK LORE: Doctors have been performing laser vision correction for more than two decades. At last count, more than 31MILLION procedures have been performed worldwide. In fact, LASIK is the most common form of elective vision in the U.S. Because of ongoing studies of iLASIK technology, NASA and the U.S. military now allow its astronauts and servicemen to improve their vision with laser eye surgery.

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