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CustomVue LASIK vs LASIK

Our high-tech CustomVue LASIK is an improvement on the extremely effective vision correction laser surgery known as LASIK , an acronym for laser assisted in-sito keratomileusis.  Like LASIK, advanced CustomVue LASIK is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for corrective eyewear.

The difference between CustomVue LASIK and LASIK: The CustomVue procedure – also known as Wavefront LASIK surgery – provides a precise, unique and more detailed analysis of your vision.

CustomVue LASIK relies on Wavescan-based digital technology originally developed for use in high-powered space telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing far-off objects. With CustomVue LASIK, eye doctors are now able to capture the tiniest imperfections affecting an individual’s eyes. Some of these higher order aberrations cannot be measured using a standard eye exam!

The information captured using the Wavescan technology of advanced CustomVue LASIK provides an amazing new level of precision and accuracy. This new technology provides a level of measurement that provides 25 times more precision of the standard methods used for eyeglass and contact lens exams.

Much like fingerprints, no two eyes display the same makeup when viewed with the high-tech Wavefront technology. Because of this, your eye doctor can prescribe a treatment that is as totally unique as your eyes. Find out if you’re a proper candidate by reading our lasik evaluation eligibility page.

The CustomVue LASIK Procedure

Numbing drops are placed into your eyes just prior to your CustomVue LASIK procedure. Your extremely unique vision correction information is then transferred from the Wavescan device to the eye surgeon’s laser which is used to painlessly reshape the cornea. Your eye surgeon quickly and deftly carves away microscopic amounts of tissue that, in most cases, are thinner than a human hair!

The CustomVue LASIK procedure typically takes several seconds per eye. The majority of patients experience only mild discomfort and slight sensitivity to light. Most will notice vision improvement right after the CustomVue procedure. Vision continues to sharpen over the next several days. Patients are required to return for routine follow-ups with their surgeon.

Who Can Benefit from CustomVue LASIK?

CustomVue LASIK is available for a multitude of patients, including those afflicted by astigmatism associated with nearsightedness or farsightedness – or a mix of both conditions. Studies show that 94 percent of individuals with routine vision disorders are viable candidates for this life-changing type of vision restoration.

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